AJ Cihla

If only I had discovered the Ballmer Curve earlier in college. Sigh.

Pacman Game Algorithms (Python)

This repo contains the code that was submitted for CS188 - Artifical Intelligence with Professor Dan Klein. Includes search algorithms, probabilities, Bayes Nets, Markov Decision Problems, decision trees, Perceptrons, constrained search problems, and a general introduction to machine learning (kernels, clustering, and neural nets)

Carpooling App (Android & Python)

Class project for CS169 - Software Development that includes both the Android application and the Django backend that handled API calls. The concept was meant to better serve carpoolers by providing real-time information for drivers and riders looking to share a ride.

Compass App (Android)

A current personal project that is better outlined in my Ideas section. It is meant to serve as a more compact, resizable, relocatable, and ultimately more usable text-input interface for mobile devices.

Origin Project (HTML/CSS/JS)

A project for CS160 - User Interfaces. Utilizes Bootstrap libraries to provide a simple yet powerful user experience. See my Ideas section for a higher-level synopsis of how the service is meant to help the world.

First Site (HTML/CSS)

This extremely elementary was how I stayed busy before school started. Unfortunately Playlist.com does not support the functionality that I was originally using them for. The domain name selection was probably the highlight of the whole project :)

Escape Script (Python)

This was my personal introduction to Python and utilizing JSON in the form of making Google Maps API calls.